Small log cabins

Lugarde is a garden shop web store that has been an authority for nearly 40 years in the field of garden houses, porches and small log cabins. With or without integrated roof, modern or classic? Because we deliver custom work, everything is possible! Since 1978, Lugarde has been producing wooden garden houses, log cabins and top-quality roofs.

We sell our garden houses and log cabins through an extensive dealer network. Because we manage the production process from the beginning (design) to the end (delivery), we can fully anticipate your specific wishes. Good to know: we do not charge extra costs for customization!

A garden house for every wish a suitable solution

Every garden requires a different approach and we are aware of that. With us you will not only find a very wide choice in different sizes or cheap log cabins, but we also offer the possibility to have your log cabin made to measure, for example from Lugarde.

We also supply wooden garages in standard sizes, but ordering a custom-made wooden garage from, for example, Grandcasa is also possible. A maintenance-free garden house made of metal or plastic where you do not have to worry about maintenance after installation, simply choose your wishes and requirements.

A maintenance-free garden house or a log cabin should make the stay in the garden more pleasant and attractive. Hobbyists can fully enjoy themselves while gardening in a greenhouse. Modern or classic design, the greenhouse makes a wonderful addition to any garden.

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